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I'm Running With Ed



Everyone is different
Everyone has intrinsic value
Everyone has something to contribute
Our role as mentors, leaders, human beings is to:

  • Find the value
  • Nurture the value
  • Honor the person and their value
    • so that he/she can thrive and find success

I've been leading workshops on the subjects of art, technology, and learning disabilities through ISTE/NECC, TRLD, AENJ, and others for more than a decade.   My latest workshops are being offered at the Annual Constructivist Conference of the Institute for Learner Centered Education as well as the annual Games in Education event and the SREB High Schools That Work conference. My workshop topics focus on integrating Art with a variety of Curricula and Community based Projects. You may download a sample of my Institute/GiE/SREB workshop info here and SWIDA workshop descriptions in PDF format here

Recently I have been concentrating on projects close to home. I'm always on the lookout for new places to you can expect future conference links (both near and far) to be posted soon...
And, if you've heard me speak and want to invite me for a visit, drop me a line!
PS: The prize for conference attendees is found here.

Also, feel free to check out my Games In Education PDF

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