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About Michael Gerrish

I've been a visual artist for more than 40 years; you can discover more through my on line gallery. When I'm in the studio, my focus is on the work in front of me. As I work, I communicate with my art; when it is finished, I hope to communicate through it.
I'm also a teacher. After a short time in post secondary education, I began teaching in the K-12 environment in the late 1980's, first in private schools for Learning Different students and later in an alternative and career tech high school. I now show up as a classroom "guest". When I'm in the classroom, my focus is on the students I teach as well as the colleagues I coach. We work together, we communicate; as the work is completed, we grow in our appreciation of the gifts we each have brought to barter in the mysterious process we call learning.
And, I'm a user of technology. I've served as a technology administrator/advisor for schools which assist students with Language Based Learning Disabilities, and provided related assistance to NFP groups as a board member and volunteer. Technology helps me be organized and more clear in how and what I communicate in my daily life. It's a wonderful tool, and although I'm not defined solely through my use of it, I do know enough about it to be a mentor to others.
Over the years I've become interested in the place where Art, Education and Technology overlap...especially as it relates to folks who learn or perceive differently. I've written articles and led workshops on issues such as Art, Technology, Self Esteem, Teaching folks with Language Based Learning Disabilities, and Building Communities Through Art. If you'd like to contact me so that we can discuss opportunities and options for change, I'd be happy to speak with you.

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