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Art Links

Many traditional information resources such as museums, libraries, and galleries have web sites. You can even look up topics on web based digital encyclopedias! Listed below are a few Art links I use frequently......



        The Philadelphia Museum of Art 

        Mark Harden's site 

     The Metropolitan Museum of Art

     Harold Olejarz web site 

     Middle School Art Teacher Resources

LD Resources

Organizations who serve the needs of the LD community have been putting together some awesome sites. Check out the links below.....

LD Online

Arts Dyslexia Trust


Richard Wanderman

Mel Levine

Dr. Robert Brooks  

Landmark College

School Links

One of the best ways to get "unstuck" is to look at what other creative folks are doing! Here are some interesting school based links.

        The Incredible Art Department 

        The North Country School

        The Lab School of Washington DC


Technology Links

Everyone's a geek to somebody! Find inspiration within the realm of technology.

       Online Internet Institute

       Center for Applied Tech

       November Learning

       Marsha Devine Technology Consulting

       International Society for Technology in Education



         My Ning Page

       Something to THINK About...


Neighborhood Links

          Historic Washington Park Association of Troy, NY


Other Links 

        TransformingWork.com - Because Everyone Needs a Coach... 
        KIVA.org - because there IS enough to share...
        Web based Bibliography Helper          
        "Monster" Reference Tools
          Eric Library  
        INTERNET Public Library  
          The M L King, Jr. Center
        Van Morrison  
        Richard Thompson   
        Steve Earle   again... 
          Neil Young    again...
          and finally....The BRUCE!




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