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Project 03 Title: PoP Art Smack down!

Curricular connections: Technology, Art/Design, Social Studies, Language Arts, etc

Synopsis: Wrestling is loud, gross........and popular! Make use of it while it lasts, to examine concepts 
such as popularity, diversity, and Art History.

Key Questions:
What does it mean to be popular? Do our opinions about what is popular change?
What is the difference between opinion and fact?
How an we distinguish one artist’s work from another’s? What is an art movement?

Text resources, INTERNET, Computer, Art materials (shoe box, markers, construction paper)

Class discussion about popular culture and one example of it: WWF wrestling.
Assign each student the task of learning about two Pop artists. 
Each student incorporates what they learn about artists into a wrestling ring diorama with the artists rendered as WWF style wrestlers. 
Each student uses computer software to make posters (business cards) which will be shared with classmates.
Provide questions and answers on topics covered. Have students put questions on game cards.
Concluding activities
Discussion and oral presentations.
Finish with a wrestle mania day. Students pair up and alternate questions from list. 
The students with the most correct answers at end of class are declared champions.

Make a Pop Art game board instead of wrestling ring. Provide questions and answers regarding topics covered. When finished declare a game day and have students play one another.
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